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Worship Arts (CMWM)
Requirements List for 2012-2013
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CMWA2003Foundations of Worship
CMWA2103Worship Leadership
CMWA3103Multimedia and Technology for Worship
CMWA3203Worship Planning and Resources
CMWA4003Chapel Worship Practicum (1)
CMWA4103Worship Arts as Spiritual Formation
Total Hours: 18
Notes: Students may choose from one of the following options:

Option 1:
CMWA 4103 Worship Arts As Spiritual Formation

Option 2:
CMWA 49X1 Special Topics (repeatable once)(2 hrs)
MUSC 2101 University Chorus or MUSC 1701 Jazz Band (1 hr)

Option 3:
MUSC 2003 Music Basics
1: Students may choose from the options listed above.