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Health Sciences, B.A. (HSBA)
Sequence Sheet for 2012-2013
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First Semester - Fall 201216 hours
BIBL1033Biblical Literature
ENGL1013English Composition I
HUMA1153Introduction To Fine Arts
LETU1101Cornerstones Of Life And Learning (L)
MATH1203College Algebra With Applications
PSYC2013Introduction To Psychology
  Fulfill English Proficiency Requirement (0 hours)
Second Semester - Spring 201317 hours
BIBL1043Biblical Foundations For Living (L)
BIOL3921Introduction To Clinical Issues (Spring only)
CHEM1014Chemistry for Health Sciences (Spring only)
COMM1113Introduction To Speech Communication
ENGL1023English Composition II
POLS2503US Government (Spring only)
First Summer 20133 hours
BIOL2032Medical Terminology (Summer and Distance Learning only)
BIOL4931Clinical Observation
Third Semester - Fall 201316 hours
BIOL2014Human Anatomy And Physiology I (Fall only)
HIST2113American History to 1865 (Fall only)
MATH1423Elementary Statistics
PSYC2143Human Growth And Development (Fall only)
SPAN1113Elementary Spanish I (Fall only)
Fourth Semester - Spring 201415 hours
BIBL Jr.-Sr. Level Elective (3 hours)
BIOL2024Human Anatomy And Physiology II (Spring only)
BIOL4931Clinical Observation
HIST2123American History from 1865 (Spring only)
KINE Physical Activities (1 hour)
SPAN1123Elementary Spanish II (Spring only)
Second Summer 20146 hours
ENGL Literature Elective (3 hours)
KINE2913Human Nutrition (Summer and Distance Learning only)
Fifth Semester - Fall 201414 hours
BIBL Jr.-Sr. Level Elective (3 hours)
BIOL2204Microbiology for Health Sciences (Fall only)
BIOL4931Clinical Observation
POLS2603Texas Government (Fall only)
SPAN2113Intermediate Spanish I (Fall only)
Sixth Semester - Spring 201514 hours
CCLT Cross-Cultural Electives (3 hours) (1)
NURS3205Concepts of Professional Nursing (2)
NURS3303Pathophysiology of Acute Care (2)
NURS3307Pharmacological Basis for Nursing (2)
SPAN2223Spanish for Health Professionals (Spring only)
Third Summer 20159 hours
NURS3310Health Assessment (2)
NURS3603Nursing Competencies (2)
Seventh Semester - Fall 201514 hours
NURS3333Nursing Research (2)
NURS3513Psychiatric Mental Health (2)
NURS3611Medical Surgical Nursing I (2)
Other courses required for Health Sciences, B.A.
NURS 8th Semester Nursing Courses at UT-Tyler (15 hours) (3)
NURS 9th Semester Nursing Courses at UT-Tyler (13 hours) (3)
Total Hours: 124
Notes: B.A. Minor is Biology with 21 credits.
1: Course may be selected from CCLT 1203 Cross-cultural Adaptation, CCLT 2103 Cross-cultural Communication, or CCLT 3103 Cultural Anthropology.
2: UT-Tyler course transferred back to LETU.
3: Required for the BSN from UT-Tyler only; must be completed at UT-Tyler to graduate with the BSN degree from UT-Tyler. Refer to UT-Tyler catalog for course specifics/requirements.