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PSYC 5003
Introduction to Counseling
Class hours: 3
Lab hours:
Semesters Available: Fall and Spring
Years Available: All
A study of the major approaches and classic research within counseling psychology, this course is designed to introduce students to professional counseling. Students will review history and systems, personality theory, the mind-body connection, and basic research methods of psychology. Students will be introduced to the concepts of psychotherapy and personal, group, and family counseling. Specialties within the field of counseling and other mental health disciplines will be reviewed. Consideration will be given to the role of the Christian faith within the context of professional counseling. This course should be taken by students who enter the program with less than 12 hours in psychology and/or counseling and who choose not to use the dual enrollment option to meet admissions requirements. This course is offered online only.

No programs require this course.
No courses require this as a prerequisite or corequisite.