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PSYC 6002
Applied Lab & Treatment Planning
Class hours: 2
Lab hours:
Semesters Available: Fall and Spring
Years Available: All
The lab is designed to prepare students to conduct intake interviews, maintain appropriate documentation and conduct effective treatment planning, and maximize the supervision process. Special attention is given to use of the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM) for diagnosis, treatment planning and practice. Emphasis is placed on increased awareness of self/personality and the core conditions of a therapeutic relationship; practice of basic counseling skills in role-play; ethical issues, management of crises, making appropriate referrals, and other topics relevant to the counseling process including information on licensure and credentialing and professional involvement in the counseling profession through the American Counseling Association ACA and its associations such as IAMFC, ASERVIC and AMHCA. Additional information is given on societies such as APA, AAMFT and CAPS. Students must receive approval for continuance on the Student Qualifying Evaluation. Professor may recommend or require additional courses or other remedial work.
Prerequisites: PSYC 5023 Counseling Skills & Techniques, PSYC 5033 Ethical, Legal and Professional Standards in Counseling Practice, PSYC 5043 Psychopathology: Diagnosis & Treatment of Mental Disorders.

1 program requires this course.
No courses require this as a prerequisite or corequisite.