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AERF 4612
Flight Instructor Initial Flight - Missions
Class hours:
Lab hours: 3
Semesters Available: Fall and Spring
Years Available: All
Provides training for the in-flight skill required for the Multi-engine Flight Instructor Certificate (MEI). Additional Flight Instructor Ratings that can be added to this certificate are the Single Engine Airplane (AERF 4601) and Instrument Instructor (AERF 4611). Includes approximately 25 hours of flight time. This course is for students who took AERF 3522 and differs from AERF 4602 by including additional multi-engine time to meet PIC minimum requirements.
Prerequisites: AERF 3103, AERF 4603, a Commercial Multi-Engine Certificate with Instrument Rating, and the recommendation of senior flight department staff..

No programs require this course.
No courses require this as a prerequisite or corequisite.