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Health Sciences (NURS)
Department of Biology

NURS 3205   Concepts of Professional Nursing
Theories and concepts related to nursing as a discipline are presented. Emphasis is on the four main concepts of person, environment, health, and nursing. Course assignments facilitate development of critical thinking skills, written communication skills, self-awareness, and the professional values that are fundamental qualities needed in nursing.

NURS 3303   Pathophysiology of Acute Care
This course focuses on the etiology, pathophysiology, and clinical presentation of selected human diseases across the life span. Class 3. Prerequisites: Anatomy and Physiology I & II; Chemistry and Microbiology; College of Nursing advisor approval..

NURS 3307   Pharmacological Basis for Nursing
Pharmacotherapuetic aspects of nursing care are introduced and supported by evidence-based findings to improve patient care. Emphasis is on principles of safe administration of medications and patient education for major drug classifications. The impact of technology, economic, and regulatory forces as well as collaboration with the health team are discussed. Ethical/legal and cultural considerations are explored across the life span. Class 3. Prerequisite: Admission to the nursing program..

NURS 3310   Health Assessment
Concepts related to health assessment of patients are presented. Emphasis is on development of nursing skills to perform a holistic health assessment of the patient across the life span, including a health history and comprehensive physical examination. Levels of physical, cognitive and social functioning are analyzed and interpreted. Students practice health assessment skills in laboratory and selected settings. Class 3.

NURS 3333   Nursing Research
This course introduces evidence-based practice as it relates to science of nursing. Findings of selected research studies are appraised and presented. Ethical considerations and methods of protection of human subjects are integrated throughout the course. Class 3.

NURS 3516   Mental Health
This course utilizes theories and concepts related to human behavior and alterations in human behavior. Using a holistic nursing approach, emphasis is on communications skills, self-awareness, and therapeutic use of self in selected settings. Class 5.

NURS 3603   Nursing Competencies
This course introduces nursing process, basic nursing skills supported by evidence-based standards, nursing principles and technology to provide safe care for adults. Students demonstrate assessment skills, fundamental therapeutic nursing interventions, and nursing procedures in the laboratory and selected settings. Class 6.

NURS 3611   Medical Surgical Nursing I
This medical/surgical course introduces holistic nursing care of adults experiencing acute or chronic illness in selected structured settings. Class 6.