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Scholars Semester in Oxford (SSIO)
Off-Campus Semester and Summer Programs

SSIO 3004   British Landscapes
Students study how the British landscape was formed and reformed by societies which successively conquered and settled in it, looking at the dialectic relationship between culture (the economic, social, intellectual, religious, and artistic aspects of each group) and landscape (the natural landscape and the human imprint on that landscape). The aim is to enable students to ‘read’ and understand a long settled landscape through a sound knowledge of British culture, past and present. SSO recommends that credit be allocated in one or more of several disciplines, including literature, religion, philosophy, politics, history, and history of art. Class 4.

SSIO 3303   Secondary Tutorial
Similar in structure to the primary tutorial, the secondary tutorial covers a different subject matter. Tutorials offered in a broad range of topics. Class 3.

SSIO 4154   Integrative Seminar
Seminar integrates both the tutorial work and participation in Oxford faculty lectures that pertain to the student’s field of study. Students reflect on key methodological issues within their concentration, are encouraged to learn from each other as well as from the tutor, and submit term papers rather than weekly essays. This course concludes with an integrative exam that allows students to draw upon main themes of their course of study. Integrative seminars are available in: Classics, English and Literature, Theology, Philosophy and History. Class 4.

SSIO 4916   Primary Tutorial
This course, chosen in the same field of study as the integrative seminar, is typically one-on-one, supplemented by Oxford faculty lectures. The tutorial is usually based on the presentation of one short essay responding to an assigned question, and is carried out as a conversation between the tutor and the student. Offered tutorials cover a range of topics. Class 6.