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Middle East Studies (MESP)
Off-Campus Semester and Summer Programs

MESP 1004   Introduction to Arabic Language
This course helps students acquire basic skills in Egyptian Arabic, a dialect widely understood in the Arab world. The course emphasizes the practical use of the language, encouraging interaction with the locals through assignments and service projects. Students are provided with solid introduction to the colloquial grammar and a substantial vocabulary as students take more than 50 hours of instruction. Class 4.

MESP 3104   Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
This course seeks to acquaint students to the variety of peoples and cultures found in the Middle East. Literature, music, dance, and food are integrated into the learning experience. Students also learn about pressing issues, from gender to war to economic development, that currently animate the many religious and political communities they visit. The course examines the basic structure of historical and contemporary societies and cultures with special emphasis on those found in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey. Class 4.

MESP 3204   Islamic Thought and Practice in the Middle East
An emphasis on contemporary expressions of Islam in the Middle East. This course examines many dimensions of Islamic faith-historical, legal, doctrinal, popular, and behavioral-from early times to the present. While emphasis is on the early period and its influence on latter events and people, it also attempts to relate these early developments to contemporary issues in the Middle East like the impact of colonialism, gender equality, modernization, development, and democracy. Class 4.

MESP 3304   Conflict and Change in the Middle East Today
The purpose of this course is to help students understand the historical, political and religious transformations that have occurred in the last century. The Arab-Israeli conflict will receive special emphasis with the goal of helping students understand the complexity of the issues surrounding the current attempts to establish a lasting peace. The course includes an extended travel component throughout the region. Class 4.