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Contemporary Music (CMPR)
Off-Campus Semester and Summer Programs

CMPR 3103   Faith, Music And Culture
The purpose of this course is to help students develop a Christian approach to the creation, marketing, and consumption of contemporary music. While engaging in studies of theory, history, and criticism, students explore the concept of culture and the nature of popular culture. Students examine popular art and music in contemporary aesthetic, social, cultural, and industrial contexts, and explore the issues involved in relating faith and worldview to the production and criticism of commercial music. Class 3.

CMPR 3203   Inside The Music Industry
Through readings, lectures, and seminars delivered by leading industry figures, the course will give up-to-the-minute insight into the inner workings of the music industry. Emphasis will be given to career possibilities and the gifts and skills required to succeed in each of the major areas. Students will gain an understanding of the structure and methodologies of a typical U.S. record company. Class 3.

CMPR 3911   Practicum
Each student will participate in an intensive week-long road trip to a major music market. Briefings, tours, and meetings will be arranged with leading record companies, artist management firms, booking agencies, recording studios, concert promoters, writers, producers, and artists in various cities. Class 1.

CMPR 4003   Essentials Of Songwriting
Artists will receive classroom instruction, participate in directed study with staff, and work in collaboration with other students to develop their use of form, melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyric. Emphasis will be placed on the song as the vehicle for the artistís creative exploration and public communication. Class 3.

CMPR 4013   Studio Recording
Artists will work via both the classroom and lab with faculty, other students, and visiting experts to learn how to produce, record, mix, and edit recordings in a professional multi-track studio. Class 3.

CMPR 4023   Performance
In consultation with staff and executive track students, artists will develop a live concert presentation that best utilizes their gifts as musicians, entertainers, and communicators. Both informal and public performances will be presented throughout the semester. Class 3.

CMPR 4063   Advanced Recording Techniques
Each engineer in this course will work with a group of artists for the entire semester, recording, mixing and mastering their songs. Engineers are expected to show proficiency in mic placement and the musical application of software plug-ins. Class 3.

CMPR 4073   Live Sound Reinforcement
This course is designed to train students for entry-level positions as a live sound engineer / front-of-house or monitor engineer. Each engineer must be able to complete line and sound checks quickly and reliably, trouble shoot problems and understand console and system signal flow. Class 3.

CMPR 4083   Lighting Design
This course is designed to train students for entry-level positions in live concert lighting. Students will manage power distribution, DMX control of lighting fixtures and ultimately the properties of light and dispersion that artfully blend to create alternate forms of reality. Class 3.

CMPR 4303   Artist Management
Through lecture, text, and visiting music industry experts, executive track students will gain an understanding of the economic, creative, and spiritual elements critical to a career in contemporary music. Students identify their gifts and develop a long-term career plan. Students prepare materials necessary to pitch an artist to a record company and negotiate a mock recording contract. Class 3.

CMPR 4313   Artists & Repertoire (A&R)
Executive track students will learn how to: (1) create a label business plan; (2) analyze and forecast trends in popular music; (3) assemble a successful artist roster; and, in tandem with the artists, (4) plan, budget, and produce recording sessions. Class 3.

CMPR 4323   Music Marketing And Sales
Through classroom instruction and presentations by visiting industry experts, executive track students will become familiar with the role of packaging, retail point-of-purchase materials, publicity, advertising, radio and video promotion, and Internet marketing and tour support in the marketing and sale of recorded music. Students will develop comprehensive marketing plans for each semesterís artist recordings. Class 3.