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Catalog 2011-2012
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Off-Campus Semester and Summer Programs
American Studies
  Courses offered:
  7 American Studies courses (AMER)
Australia Studies
  Courses offered:
  2 Australia Studies courses (AUST)
China Studies
  Courses offered:
  13 China Studies courses (CHIN)
Contemporary Music
  Courses offered:
  12 Contemporary Music courses (CMPR)
Focus Leadership Institute
  Courses offered:
  8 Focus Leadership Institute courses (FMST)
Handong Global University
Jerusalem University College
Latin American Studies
  Courses offered:
  11 Latin American Studies courses (LASP)
Los Angeles Film Studies
  Courses offered:
  7 Los Angeles Film Studies courses (LAFS)
Middle East Studies
  Courses offered:
  4 Middle East Studies courses (MESP)
Scholars Semester in Oxford
  Courses offered:
  4 Scholars Semester in Oxford courses (SSIO)
Semester in Spain
St. Petersburg Christian University
Uganda Studies
  Courses offered:
  1 Uganda Studies course (UGAN)
University of Southern Queensland
Washington Journalism Center
  Courses offered:
  4 Washington Journalism Center courses (WAJC)
LeTourneau University encourages students to participate in off campus semester and summer study programs. These programs have valuable cross cultural and internship experiences offering a unique opportunity for students to make the world their classroom, going beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. LeTourneau University participates in a majority of these programs as a member of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, an association of 100 campuses in the U.S. and Canada. For information concerning the programs, a student should contact the Off Campus Semester Study Program Director.

These interdisciplinary learning opportunities are available to upperclass students. The student should consult with his or her academic advisor to determine the applicability of the credit earned towards his or her major. The student must be enrolled at LeTourneau University during the semester spent at each of these off-campus programs. LeTourneau University students who participate in off-campus study programs will be assessed a $300 fee per semester to cover administrative costs of dual enrollment incurred by the University.