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Department of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Major:Mathematics, B.S. (MABS)Courses offered:
Minor:Mathematics (MA)32 Mathematics courses (MATH)
Secondary (8th - 12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Major:Mathematics Education, B.S. (MAE1)
Dr. Larry A. Anderson, Chair

Professors: Anderson, Armstrong
Associate Professors: Erickstad, Knouse
Assistant Professor: Taylor

Technology brings tremendous change to our society. With each advance comes a constant demand for problem solvers with analytical minds and a solid background in mathematics. The Department of Mathematics offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics.

Students who graduate with the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics will have developed the analytical and problem solving skills needed in fields such as quality control, insurance statistics, industrial mathematical programming, and computer programming.

All majors are expected to take the ETS Major Field Test in Mathematics during their senior year. Mathematics students can also work toward a teaching certificate in secondary education through the Teacher Education program.

Course descriptions and the requirements for each program are linked above. For more information about the people and programs of the Department of Mathematics, consult the department web site.