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Department of Kinesiology
Department of Kinesiology
Majors:Kinesiology, B.S.Courses offered:
     - Exercise Science Concentration (KES)28 Kinesiology courses (KINE)
     - Sports Management Concentration (KSM) 
     - Sports Ministry Concentration (KMIN) 
Minor:Kinesiology (KINE) 
All-Level (K - 12) Teaching Fields
Major:Kinesiology, B.S. All Level (EC - 12) Kinesiology (KIE2)
Dr. Duane Trogdon, Chair

Professor: Jacobs, Trogdon
Assistant Professor: Davis
Instructors: Cavins, Haesecke, Harriss, Phillips, Plunk, Thomaston

Students wishing to major in Kinesiology at LeTourneau University have a choice of four concentrations:
  • Exercise Science
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Ministry, and
  • All Level Kinesiology (Teaching and Coaching)
Course requirements for these programs are linked from this page. For more details about the study of kinesiology at LeTourneau, refer to the Department of Kinesiology homepage.