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Department of Kinesiology
Department of Kinesiology
Majors:Kinesiology, B.S.Courses offered:
     - Exercise Science Concentration (KES)28 Kinesiology courses (KINE)
     - Sports Management Concentration (KSM) 
     - Sports Ministry Concentration (KMIN) 
Minor:Kinesiology (KINE) 
All-Level (K - 12) Teaching Fields
Major:Kinesiology, B.S. All Level (EC - 12) Kinesiology (KIE2)
Dr. Wayne J. Jacobs, Chair

Professor: Jacobs, Trogdon
Assistant Professors: Davis, Otwell
Instructors: Harriss, Thomaston, Wait

Students wishing to major in Kinesiology at LeTourneau University have a choice of four concentrations:
  • Exercise Science
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Ministry
  • Teacher Education
Course requirements for these programs are linked from this page. For more details about the study of kinesiology at LeTourneau, refer to the Department of Kinesiology homepage.