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Department of English
Department of English
Majors:Digital Writing, B.A. (ENDW) 
 English Language and Literature, B.A. (ENLL) 
Minors:Digital Writing (ENDW) 
 English Language and Literature (ENGL) 
 Spanish Studies (SPAN) 
Secondary (8th - 12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Major:English/Language Arts, B.A. (ELE1)
Dr. Ann Marie Olson, Chair

Professors: Batts, Watson
Associate Professor: Coppinger, Compton, Palacios
Assistant Professor: Olson, Payton, Stuckey
Instructors: Morales

The Department of English offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in English Language and Literature and in Digital Writing. Academic minors are offered in both areas, as well as in Spanish Studies.

Students in either major must attain at least a B in both ENGL 1013 and ENGL 1023 to be officially admitted into the English program and must attain at least a C in all other English courses. ENGL 1013 (English Composition I) will not count toward the specified number of English courses needed for the major. All majors are expected to take the ETS Major Field Test of Literature in English during their senior year and to compile a portfolio of upper level course work. English majors can also work toward a teaching certificate in secondary education through LeTourneauís Teacher Education Program.

Spanish Studies

The minor in Spanish Studies permits a student to learn a language and also gain an understanding of Hispanic culture and society. To complete the minor, students typically participate in the Latin American Studies Program of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities.

Course descriptions and requirements for all programs are linked below. For more details about the people and programs of the Department of English, refer to the departmentís web page.