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Department of English
Department of English
Majors:Digital Writing, B.A. (ENDW) 
 English Language and Literature, B.A. (ENLL) 
Minors:Digital Writing (ENDW) 
 English Language and Literature (ENGL) 
 Spanish Studies (SPAN) 
Secondary (8th - 12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Major:English/Language Arts, B.A. (ELE1)
Dr. Ann Marie Olson, Chair

Professors: Batts, Solganick, Watson
Associate Professor: Coppinger
Assistant Professor: Olson
Instructors: Antlitz, Morales, Payton, Stuckey

The Bachelor of Arts degree in English is designed to give the student a well rounded liberal arts background which may lead to a variety of career goals: teacher, novelist, publisher, broadcaster, language tutor, librarian, linguist, journalist, editor, multi media programmer, public relations specialist, and allied fields in business and industry. The courses provide an understanding of the basic tools of language: grammar, rhetoric, and composition. These may be applied to the critical analysis of literature and effective communication through journalism and technical and creative writing. Enjoyment of good literature is an essential part of the program, which acquaints students with writings of significant English, American, and world authors.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Writing blends elements of literary writing, technical writing, and graphic design with an emphasis on rhetoric and electronic media. Not only will you learn about the many types of digital media and how to write effectively for each of them, but also you will get hands-on experience and develop proficiency in basic skills such as HTML coding, digital multimedia, and desktop publishing. We believe that for our generation, the command "Go ye into all the world" includes the virtual world. A degree in digital writing will equip you to use the language and technology not only to achieve career success but also to impact your world with the gospel of Christ.

English students can also work toward a teaching certificate in secondary education through the Teacher Education program. Graduate school is another popular choice for English majors who want to pursue careers in education or law.

English majors must attain at least a B in both ENGL 1013 and ENGL 1023 to be officially admitted into the English program and must attain at least a C in all other English courses. ENGL 1013 English Composition I will not count toward the 36 hours of English courses needed for the major. All majors are expected to take the ETS Major Field Test of Literature in English during their senior year and to compile a portfolio of upper level course work.

Spanish Studies

A minor in Spanish Studies will enable the student to acquire a valuable skill and expose a student to the life and experiences of another culture. A Spanish Studies minor combined with another major will help a student work, minister, or serve more effectively in today's world. It permits a student to learn a language and also gain an understanding of Hispanic culture and society. To complete the minor, a student may participate in the Latin American Studies Program.

The SPAN 3016-4983 courses are offered only through the Latin American Studies Program of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities.