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Department of Chemistry and Physics
Department of Chemistry and Physics
Majors:Chemistry, B.A. (CHBA) 
 Chemistry, B.S. 
     - Biological Concentration (CHBY) 
     - Chemical Concentration (CHCH) 
     - Physical Concentration (CHPH) 
Minors:Chemistry (CHEM) 
 Physics (PHYS) 
Secondary (8th - 12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Majors:Physical Sciences, B.S. (PSE4)
 Science Composite, B.S. (SCE4)
Dr. Steven L. Ball, Chair

Professor: Johnson
Associate Professors: Ball, DeBoer, Korn
Instructor: Forringer

LeTourneau University offers programs in chemistry preparing students for graduate studies or for careers in industry. Upon completion of the degree requirements, a chemistry student will find a variety of career options available in the natural sciences.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry is a general degree for those who are interested in chemistry and also want a broader liberal arts base.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry will prepare students for industrial work in chemistry, for graduate studies, and for medical school through the biology concentration and participation in the Pre-medical Program. Industrial chemists are needed in polymer studies, air and water quality work, quality control, and research and development. The Chemistry B.S., Physical Concentration, provides preparation for graduate studies in chemistry or physics while the Chemistry B.S., Biological Concentration, is ideal preparation for a career in molecular biology.