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Applied Engineering Technology (APET)
Requirements List for 2011-2012
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DSTC1413Technical Design Elements I (Fall only)
EETC3413Electrical Machinery (Fall only)
GETC3323Modern Manufacturing Methods (Spring only)
MJET2021Materials Joining Fundamentals Laboratory (Spring only)
MJET2023Materials Joining Fundamentals (Spring only)
  Approved Elective for APET (3 hours)
  Approved Elective for APET (3 hours)
Total Hours: 19
Notes: This minor is for Engineering majors only.
The Approved Elective may be chosen from:
DSTC 2613 Architectural Design Elements (Spring)
DSTC 3423 Technical Design Elements II (Spring)
EETC 4233 Instrumentation and Controls (Fall)
EETC 4543 Digital Communications and Processes (Spring)
METC 4433 Elements of Machine Design (Spring)
MJTC 4214 Joining of Metals (Fall)