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Marketing (MARK)
Requirements List for 2011-2012
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BECN2103Macroeconomics (Fall only)
BMGT2303Principles Of Management (L)
BMKT2503Principles Of Marketing
BMKT Marketing Elective (9 hours)
Total Hours: 18
Notes: Marketing electives may be chosen from:
BMKT 3503 Advertising (Fall, Odd years)
BMKT 3513 Public Relations (Spring, Odd years)
BMKT 4103 Consumer Behavior (Fall, Even years)
BMKT 4303 International Marketing (Fall, Odd years)
BMKT 4403 Sales Management (Spring, Even years)
BMKT 4413 E-Commerce Marketing (Spring, Odd years)
BMKT 4503 Marketing Research (Spring, Even years)
BMKT 4513 Marketing Management (Fall, Even years)