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Child Development, B.S. (PSCD)
Sequence Sheet for 2011-2012
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First Semester - Fall 201116 hours
BIBL1033Biblical Literature
COMM1113Introduction To Speech Communication
ENGL1013English Composition I
HUMA1153Introduction To Fine Arts
LETU1101Cornerstones Of Life And Learning (L)
MATH1203College Algebra With Applications
  Fulfill English Proficiency Requirement (0 hours)
Second Semester - Spring 201216 hours
BIBL1043Biblical Foundations For Living (L)
ENGL1023English Composition II
MATH3503Mathematical Concepts (Spring only)
PSYC2013Introduction To Psychology
  Lab Science Elective (4 hours)
Third Semester - Fall 201216 hours
BIBL Jr.-Sr. Level Elective (3 hours)
CMIN3203Understanding Youth (Fall only)
PSYC2033Professions in Psychology (Fall only)
PSYC2143Human Growth And Development (Fall only)
  Lab Science Elective (4 hours)
Fourth Semester - Spring 201315 hours
CMIN3103Principles of Youth Ministry (Spring only)
EDUC3353Development and Learning of the Young Child (Spring only)
ENGL Literature Elective (3 hours)
  General Elective (3 hours)
  General Elective (3 hours)
Fifth Semester - Fall 201316 hours
EDUC4143Language Development Of The Young Child (Fall only)
HIST History Elective (3 hours)
KINE1512Concepts Of Lifetime Fitness
KINE2502Movement And Games For Children (Fall only)
POLS2103Federal, State, And Local Government
PSYC4603Statistics and Research Methods I (Fall only) (1)
Sixth Semester - Spring 201415 hours
CCLT Elective (3 hours)
HIST History Elective (3 hours)
KINE Physical Activities (1 hour)
KINE3002Children's Health And Physical Development (Spring only)
PSYC3203Marriage And The Family (L) (Spring, Even years only)
PSYC4703Statistics and Research Methods II (Spring only) (1)
Seventh Semester - Fall 201418 hours
EDUC3143Creative Expression for the Young Child (Fall only)
ENGL Literature Elective (3 hours)
PHIL2013Introduction To Philosophy
PSYC4103Educational Psychology (Fall, Even years only)
  General Elective (3 hours)
  General Elective (3 hours)
Eighth Semester - Spring 201515 hours
BIBL Jr.-Sr. Level Elective (3 hours)
KINE2913Human Nutrition (Summer and Distance Learning only)
PSYC4313Theories and Techniques of Child Counseling (Spring, Odd years only)
PSYC4933Practicum (L)
  General Elective (3 hours)
Total Hours: 127
1: Minimum grade of 'C' required