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Chemistry, B.A. (CHBA)
Requirements List for 2005-2006
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BIBL1003Biblical Foundations For Living (L)
BIBL2003Biblical Literature
BIBL Jr.-Sr. Level Elective (3 hours)
BIBL Jr.-Sr. Level Elective (3 hours)
CHEM1111General Chemistry I Laboratory (Fall only)
CHEM1113General Chemistry I (Fall only)
CHEM1121General Chemistry II Laboratory (Spring only)
CHEM1123General Chemistry II (Spring only)
CHEM2111Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (Fall only)
CHEM2113Organic Chemistry I (Fall only)
CHEM2121Organic Chemistry II Laboratory (Spring only)
CHEM2123Organic Chemistry II (Spring only)
CHEM3014Inorganic Chemistry (Fall, Even years only)
CHEM3112Chemical Analysis Laboratory (Spring, Even years only)
CHEM3122Chemical Analysis (Spring, Even years only)
CHEM3951Introduction To Research (Spring, Odd years only)
CHEM4111Physical Chemistry I Laboratory (Fall, Even years only)
CHEM4113Physical Chemistry I (Fall, Even years only)
CHEM4304Biochemistry (Fall, Odd years only)
CHEM4931Chemistry Internship (On Demand only) (1)
COMM1113Introduction To Speech Communication
COSC1303Computer Science I
ENGL1013English Composition I
ENGL1023English Composition II
ENGL Literature Elective (3 hours)
ENGL Literature Elective (3 hours)
HUMA1153Introduction To Fine Arts
KINE Physical Activities (1 hour)
KINE1512Concepts Of Lifetime Fitness
LETU1101Cornerstones Of Life And Learning (L)
MATH1603Technical Calculus I (Fall only)
PHIL2013Introduction To Philosophy (2)
PHYS1111General Physics I Laboratory (Spring only)
PHYS1113General Physics I (Spring only)
PHYS1121General Physics II Laboratory (Fall only)
PHYS1123General Physics II (Fall only)
POLS2103Federal, State, And Local Government (3)
PSYC2013Introduction To Psychology
  History Elective (3 hours)
  History Elective (3 hours)
  Elementary Foreign Language I (3 hours)
  Elementary Foreign Language II (3 hours)
  Intermediate Foreign Language I (3 hours)
  Intermediate Foreign Language II (3 hours)
  Minor or General Elective (3 hours) (4)
  Minor or General Elective (3 hours) (4)
  Minor or General Elective (3 hours) (4)
  Minor or General Elective (3 hours) (4)
  Fulfill English Proficiency Requirement (0 hours)
Total Hours: 126
1: CHEM 4951 Undergraduate Research may be substituted for CHEM 4931.
2: PHIL 2063 Ethics may be substituted for PHIL 2013.
3: POLS 3203 Introduction to Political Science may be substituted for POLS 2103.
4: The minor field and general electives together must consist of at least 12 hours of courses not used to meet any of the other above requirements.