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EDUC 4133
Methods Of Elementary Language Arts And Social Studies Instruction
Class hours: 3
Lab hours: 0
Semesters Available: Fall
Years Available: All
Students focus on providing an integrated approach to social studies and language arts. The social studies emphasis is on the geography of Texas, the United States, and the world, including map skills. Language Arts emphasis is on focus of methods of developing communication skills - reading, writing, listening, and speaking - in elementary students. Objectives cover the TEKS, required to prepare teachers of social studies and language arts in Texas elementary schools, as well as national standards. Topics include design and evaluation of developmentally appropriate inquiry and problem-solving lessons, cooperative learning, construction of unit plan, planning for diversity, learning styles, discipline for group activities, and adaptations for special populations. Students observe, then design and teach language arts and social studies lessons in elementary-level classrooms.

3 programs require this course.
6 courses require this as a prerequisite or corequisite.