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Minor or General Elective
Class hours: 3
Lab hours: 0
Semesters Available: Fall and Spring
Years Available: All
The minor field and general electives together must consist of the minimum number of hours of courses not used to meet any of the other stated requirements for the major. For each major, the minimum is:
Biblical Studies, B.A. - 12
Biology, B.A. - 14
Business Administration, B.A. - 12
Chemistry, B.A. - 12
Christian Ministry, B.A. - 9
Digital Writing, B.A. - 17
English Language and Literature, B.A. - 17
History-Political Science, B.A. - 21
Mathematics, B.A. - 21
Psychology, B.A. - 12

12 programs require this course.
No courses require this as a prerequisite or corequisite.