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Los Angeles Film Studies
Los Angeles Film Studies
  Courses offered:
  6 Los Angeles Film Studies courses (LAFS)
The Los Angeles Film Studies Center is designed to train students of Council institutions to serve in various aspects of the film industry with both professional skill and Christian integrity. Students live, learn, and work in the LA area near major studios. The curriculum consists of two required seminars focusing on the role of film in culture and the relationship of faith to work in this very influential industry. In addition, students choose two elective courses from a variety of offerings in film studies. Internships in various segments of the film industry provide students with hands-on experience. The combination of the internship and seminars allow students to explore the film industry within a Christian context and from a liberal arts perspective. Students earn 16 semester hours of credit.

The LAFS courses are only offered through the Los Angeles Film Studies Program of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities.