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Air Traffic Control, A.S. (AATC)
Sequence Sheet for 2009-2010
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First Semester - Fall 200915 hours
AERF1101Flight Science I Laboratory (Private Flight Simulations Lab)
AERF1103Flight Science I (Private Ground School)
AVTC1001Foundational Concepts Of Aviation Studies Laboratory
AVTC1003Foundational Concepts Of Aviation Studies
ENGL1013English Composition I
LETU1101Cornerstones Of Life And Learning (L)
MATH1203College Algebra With Applications
Second Semester - Spring 201015 hours
AATC2013Basic ATC
AERF2101Flight Science II Laboratory (Instrument Flight Simulations Lab)
AERF2103Flight Science II (Instrument Ground School)
AERO2203Meteorology for Pilots
BIBL1033Biblical Literature
KINE1512Concepts Of Lifetime Fitness
Third Semester - Fall 201016 hours
AATC2213Airspace System Operations
AATC2411ATC Tower Operation Lab
AATC2413ATC Tower Operations
BIBL1043Biblical Foundations For Living (L)
ENGL1023English Composition II
  Social Science Elective (3 hours)
Fourth Semester - Spring 201115 hours
AATC3101Air Traffic Radar Systems Lab
AATC3103Air Traffic Radar Systems
AERO2602Air Transport System (Spring only)
AERO3152Fundamentals of Navigation (Spring only)
HIST History Elective (3 hours)
  Lab Science Elective (4 hours)
Second Summer 20114 hours
AATC3311Advanced ATC Lab
AATC3313Advanced ATC
Total Hours: 65