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Catalog 2008-2009
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Materials Joining Engineering Technology (MJTC)
Department of Engineering Technology

MJTC 2614   Joining Methods
A study of 14 different welding and related methods of joining metals. Laboratory experience includes such processes as oxy-fuel gas, gas metal arc, flux cored arc, and gas tungsten arc welding. Class 3. Lab 3. Prerequisites: MJET 2021 and MJET 2022. (Spring, Odd years)

MJTC 4214   Joining of Metals
Application of welding metallurgy principles to fusion welding ferrous and non-ferrous engineering alloys. Specific alloys discussed include carbon, low alloy, HSLA, stainless steels, tool and die steels, aluminum, nickel-based, and titanium alloys. Laboratory includes weldability testing, metallographic sample preparation and evaluation techniques. Class 3. Lab 3. Prerequisites: ENGR 2313, MJET 2021, and MJET 2022. (Fall)

MJTC 4941-4993   Special Topics
Individual or group research, development, or design. Special permission only. Class 1-3.