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Catalog 2008-2009
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School of Engineering and Engineering Technology
Department of Engineering
Majors:Engineering, B.S.Courses offered:
     - Biomedical Concentration (BME)10 Biomedical Engineering courses (BEGR)
     - Computer Concentration (CE)3 Computer Engineering courses (CEGR)
     - Electrical Concentration (EE)17 Electrical Engineering courses (EEGR)
     - Materials Joining Concentration (MJE)14 General Engineering courses (ENGR)
     - Mechanical Concentration (ME)4 Materials Joining Engineering courses (MJEG)
Minor:Materials Joining Engineering (MJE)14 Mechanical Engineering courses (MEGR)
Department of Engineering Technology
Majors:Design Technology, A.S. (DT)Courses offered:
 Engineering Technology, B.S.11 Design Technology courses (DSTC)
     - Aeronautical-Electrical Concentration (ETAS)14 Electrical Engineering Technology courses (EETC)
     - Aeronautical-Mechanical Concentration (MTAS)4 General Engineering Technology courses (GETC)
     - Electrical Concentration (ET)6 Materials Joining Engineering and Engineering Technology courses (MJET)
     - Materials Joining Concentration (MJT)3 Materials Joining Engineering Technology courses (MJTC)
     - Mechanical Concentration (MT)9 Mechanical Engineering Technology courses (METC)
Minors:Applied Engineering Technology (APET) 
 Applied Science (APSC) 
 Design Technology (DTEC) 
 Materials Joining Engineering Technology (MJT) 
Secondary (6th-12th Grade) Teaching Fields
Major:Applied Technology, B.S. (ATE1)
Dr. Thomas E. Hellmuth, Dean

Professors: Adonyi, Gonzalez, Graff, Hellmuth, Lee, Leiffer, Reynolds
Associate Professors: Ayers, Gaiser, Kim, Niemi, Warke
Assistant Professors: Baney, Green, Iordache, Ortiz, Shields

Virtually everything we use every day has been made possible by the genius of engineering. LeTourneau University offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Engineering and in Engineering Technology – both with a variety of concentrations. There is also an Associate’s degree in Design Technology. Links to requirements for each of these majors, as well as to the three academic minors offered in engineering, are listed below. For more details about the study of engineering at LeTourneau, visit the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology homepage.