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Department of Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries
Department of Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries
Majors:Biblical Studies, B.A. (BI)Courses offered:
 Christian Ministry, B.A. (CMIN)18 Biblical Studies courses (BIBL)
     - Cross-Cultural Ministry Concentration (CMCC)3 Christian Doctrine courses (THEO)
     - Ministry Leadership Concentration (CMLC)10 Christian Ministry courses (CMIN)
     - Youth Ministry Concentration (CMYM)8 Cross-Cultural Studies courses (CCLT)
Minors:Biblical Languages (BILA)4 Greek courses (GREE)
 Biblical Studies (BI)2 Hebrew courses (HEBR)
 Christian Ministry (CMIN) 
 Cross-Cultural Studies (CC) 
Dr. Andrew N. Woodring, Chair

Professor: Woodring
Associate Professors: Hood, Mays
Assistant Professors: Mason, V. Roudkovski

Biblical Studies

The Department of Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in the following areas:
  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Ministry
  • Christian Ministry - Youth Ministry Concentration
  • Christian Ministry - Cross-Cultural Concentration
  • Christian Ministry - Ministry Leadership Concentration
Students may also choose an academic minor in Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry, or Cross-Cultural Studies. Course descriptions and the requirements for each program are linked below.

For details about the people and programs of the Department of Biblical Studies, consult the department's web site.

Christian Ministry

The Christian Ministry major prepares you for vocational church work by providing a solid biblical foundation and practical application. This major equips you to address the spiritual, administrative, and relational dynamics of church work. Students are encouraged to complete their training in seminary. Through an internship in a church or religious organization, the student synthesizes his or her learning through practical ministry. Students at LeTourneau University have many opportunities for service with local ministries as well as with national and international missions. The Christian Ministry minor is especially helpful for those considering bi-vocational ministry or tentmaking such as church planting, missions, and part-time church staff ministry.

Cross Cultural Studies

The Cross Cultural Studies minor will make you sensitive to cultural differences in the areas of adaptation, communication, religion, language, and worldview. It is designed for tentmakers involved in industry overseas and for mission personnel involved in either support ministries or church planting ministries. Students who wish to train for church planting ministries will normally take the Biblical Studies major with the Cross Cultural Studies minor.


LeTourneau University, following in the tradition of our founder, R.G. LeTourneau, emphasizes the importance of the Great Commission by encouraging young men and women to consider the missionary calling, and by preparing them for service at home or overseas as cross cultural missionaries. Missionaries around the world serve in many different capacities, and therefore require diverse types of training depending on how they are to serve. Generally, missionaries fall into one of three categories: church planting, support, and tentmaker missionaries.

Church planting missionaries serve as members of mission boards and are involved in evangelism, church planting, and education in conjunction with the national church. The recommended curriculum for church planting is a Biblical Studies major with a Cross Cultural Studies minor. This curriculum gives you 39 hours of Bible with 18 hours of cross cultural training.

Support missionaries usually serve as members of mission boards, but are involved mainly in a technical or service capacity such as engineering, technology, aviation, radio, business, etc.

Tentmakers are those who serve overseas for the purpose of missionary evangelism in cooperation with resident missionaries and the national church, but are technical personnel working part time or full time in a secular capacity. The recommended curriculum for support missionaries and tentmakers is a major in a technical field with a Cross Cultural Studies minor and a minimum of 15 hours of Bible courses.