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Geology (GEOL)
Department of Chemistry and Physics

GEOL 1114   General Geology I
This course provides an introduction to geology including the study of rocks, minerals, and the basic processes that shape the surface features of the earth. Attention will also be given to natural resources including good ecological utilization. Class 3. Lab 3. (Fall, Even years)

GEOL 1124   General Geology II
Further development of the concepts in General Geology I with emphasis upon the history and the development of major geological features such as continents, ocean basins, and mountain ranges. The theory of plate tectonics is presented as a unifying concept and an explanation for many of these features. Geological phenomena, such as earthquakes and volcanic activity, are included with an extension to planetary science. Class 3. Lab 3. Prerequisite: GEOL 1114. (Spring, Odd years)