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COSC 4843
Game Project
Class hours:
Lab hours:
Semesters Available: Spring
Years Available: Even
This course is a project-based continuation of COSC 3843 Game Development. The benefits and challenges of developing games for various console platforms are considered along with the components of entertainment technology and interactive multimedia. Design issues of 3D hardware, object and camera motion, collision detection, and character animation are also presented. Students will become familiar with gaming systems architecture and game design production cycles, including reusable game technology and usage of game industry tools and platforms. Teams of students will collaborate on the design and development of a complete game document and prototype.
Prerequisites: COSC 3603, COSC 3843 , COSC 4453, PHIL 2063, and PSYC 2013.

1 program requires this course.
No courses require this as a prerequisite or corequisite.