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Computer Engineering (CEGR)
Department of Engineering

CEGR 4233   Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcomputers
Application of digital and logic concepts to the study of microcontroller and microprocessor function and use; assembly language programming and software design for typical applications. (Same as EEGR 4233) Class 3. Prerequisite: EEGR 3213. (Fall)

CEGR 4253   Microcomputer Design
Students will be required to design, build, demonstrate, and report on a single-board computer system. (Same as EEGR 4253) Class 3. Prerequisite: EEGR 3233 or EEGR 4233. (Spring)

CEGR 4813   Computer Engineering Design I
Design philosophy, creativity, decision processes, and optimization techniques. Application to an electrical/computer engineering project which begins with a formal proposal and culminates in an oral and written engineering report. Class 2. Lab 3. Prerequisites: CEGR 4233, CEGR 4253, EEGR 3323, ENGR 1812, and ENGR 3423. (Fall)

CEGR 4823   Computer Engineering Design II
Completion of the final design, fabrication, testing, and reporting of the designs initiated in CEGR 4813. Class 2. Lab 3. Prerequisite: CEGR 4813. (Spring)