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Minor:Leadership (LEAD)Courses offered:
  2 Leadership courses (LEAD)
We live in a world that is longing for leadership. People are demanding more from those in positions of leadership, while often providing them fewer resources to accomplish goals. It is a world in which the traditional bases of power-reward power, coercion, position power, referent power, and expertise-have eroded. Only expertise has grown as a source of power.

The world is looking for effective leaders who are people of integrity and strong moral character. Today's leaders must be are able to provide excellent ethical and principle-centered leadership. These leaders will see positive results and will be in demand because of their competencies.

The School of Business, in conjunction with the Center for the Development of Christian Leadership and in cooperation with other schools and departments, has designed the Leadership minor for students who feel the call of ethical leadership on their lives. This minor is available for students in any major, and is recommended for those who anticipate becoming leaders in any profession and for those who are involved in student, church, or community leadership.