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Department of Psychology
Department of Psychology
Majors:Child Development, B.S. (PSCD)Courses offered:
 Psychology, B.A. (PSYA)24 Psychology courses (PSYC)
 Psychology, B.S. (PSYS) 
Minor:Psychology (PSYC) 
Dr. Vicki L. Sheafer, Chair

Professor: Sheafer
Assistant Professor: Roudkovski

The study of psychology will enable individuals in any career to better understand themselves and relate to others. Because it involves the study of human behavior, majoring in Psychology can enhance one's personal life and maximize effectiveness in a professional sphere. This type of degree can provide a foundation for a career in the helping professions or for pursuing graduate studies.

The psychology program allows you the opportunity to pursue different options in your studies. You will be able to develop your interest in counseling, clinical psychology, child psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, sport psychology, and social psychology as well as receive more specialized preparation necessary for graduate and professional schools.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development enables students to prepare for working with young children in church ministry, social services, or preschool care.

The Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology provides the student with a balanced approach to the study of the discipline of Psychology. Students will receive training in counseling, people-related skills, research, and science. This will prepare students equally well for graduate school in many areas of Psychology and other related fields, and/or for employment in a wide range of settings, such as social work, management/personnel, Christian education, and the ministry.

Upon completion of the bachelor's degree at LeTourneau, students interested in exploring the full range of careers in the field of psychology will want to pursue graduate studies. Students who go on to complete a master's degree will find employment in education, business and industry, health agencies, and counseling centers. A doctoral degree in various areas of psychology provides opportunities ranging from private practice to teaching and research.