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Department of Kinesiology
Department of Kinesiology
Majors:Kinesiology, B.S.Courses offered:
     - Exercise Science Concentration (KES)27 Kinesiology courses (KINE)
     - Sports Management Concentration (KSM) 
     - Sports Ministry Concentration (KMIN) 
Minor:Kinesiology (KINE) 
All-Level (K - 12) Teaching Fields
Major:Kinesiology, B.S. All Level (EC - 12) Kinesiology (KIE2)
Dr. Wayne J. Jacobs, Chair

Professor: Trogdon
Associate Professor: Jacobs
Assistant Professors: Davis, Otwell
Instructors: Edwards, Martinez, Robbins, Wait

The Department of Kinesiology at LeTourneau University is committed to:
  • Providing learning experiences that include a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities;
  • Encouraging everyone to question, integrate, analyze, communicate, and apply concepts from the discipline of Kinesiology;
  • Fostering an environment that facilitates the preparation of students as professionals in the field of Kinesiology;
  • Providing ongoing fitness and wellness assessments to assist with the development and implementation of a fitness and wellness lifestyle;
  • Continually striving to provide up-to-date information, opportunities, and curricula for all that are associated with Kinesiology.

Students wishing to major in Kinesiology have a choice between four concentrations. Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science will prepare students for careers in the medical service area. It also serves as an excellent means to prepare for additional graduate work. The concentration in Sports Management is for students interested in careers involving the business of and management in the sport and fitness industries. The concentration in Sports Ministry will prepare students to use their skills in sports-related ministries in churches, camp settings, or in the community.

A student can also prepare for teaching physical education and coaching by taking the Physical Education (EC-12) content area in Teacher Education. See the Teacher Education section for the requirements.

The overriding goal of the Department of Kinesiology at LeTourneau University is to teach everyone - from the physically gifted to the physically challenged - how and why they should keep themselves healthy and fit throughout their lifetime. The Department teaches individuals how to be physically active in ways that improve the whole person - Mind, Body, and Spirit.