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Business Administration (BUSI)
School of Business

BUSI 3103   Business Law
A study of the principles of business law covering the fields of contracts, agencies, personal property, sales, negotiable instruments, partnerships, and corporations. Class 3. (Fall)

BUSI 3403   Business Ethics
This course involves a study of management/business policies and practices as they relate to contemporary moral and ethical issues in the work place. It includes an examination of issues such as equity and fairness, individual privacy rights, corporate social responsibility, moral aspects of capitalism, equal employment opportunities, sexual harassment, and others. Stress is placed upon historic Judeo-Christian ethical principles and their application to clarify personal values and improve management decision making. Class 3. Prerequisite: BMGT 2303. (Fall)

BUSI 3423   Business Research Methods
The focus of this course is on using business research methods and statistics for managerial decision making. Topics include the research process, the research proposal, ethics in business research, research design and measurement, research sources and collection, and analysis and presentation of data. Statistical techniques covered include ANOVA and MANOVA, discriminate analysis, linear and multiple regression, nonparametric tests, and other advanced statistical techniques. Use of statistical software such as SPSS, Minitab, or Statistica is included. Class 3. Prerequisite: MATH 1423 with a grade of C or higher. (Spring)

BUSI 4313   International Business
A study of world trade and of the problems and issues faced by a business when it goes into the international market. Included is the study of cultural impacts, monetary exchange complications, and the problems faced by multinationals related with dealing in foreign legal and social environments. Class 3. Prerequisites: BECN 2103 and BMGT 2303.. (Spring)

BUSI 4803   Strategic Management
The functional integration of all business disciplines in formulating, implementing, and evaluating business strategies. Case analyses and game simulations supplement lectures and discussions. Class 3. Prerequisites: Senior standing, BACT 2113, BMGT 2303, and BFIN 3113. (Spring)

BUSI 4923-4924   Business Internship
The student will receive supervised experience in performing duties in an actual business environment with emphasis on observing the management decision making process involved in the conversion of resources into sales of goods and/or services.
<br>For International Business students, this course is part of a 16 credit hour international studies experience.
Class 3-4. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor.. (On Demand)

BUSI 4941-4994   Special Topics
A one-to-four credit hour course to be utilized for seminars, special lectures in topics not offered in the catalog, and as a mechanism for developing new courses. Subjects offered under this number may include the full spectrum of the business field. This course may be taken more than one time when the topics are different. Class 1-4. Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor..