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Marketing (BMKT)
School of Business

MKTG 2503   Principles Of Marketing
Marketing functions and institutions involved in the commercial distribution of various classes of goods from producer to consumer. Class 3. (Spring)

MKTG 3503   Advertising
An introduction to different approaches and philosophies of advertising: scientific, or numbers oriented; strategic, or problem/solution oriented; and artistic, or aesthetically oriented; with the processes of quantitative, strategic, and aesthetic solutions facilitating planning and production of advertising campaigns. Class 3. Prerequisite: BMKT 2503. (Fall, Odd years)

MKTG 3513   Public Relations
A practical approach to learning the art of obtaining favorable publicity for a company, and the building of a company image through various proven quantitative and qualitative tools. Class 3. Prerequisite: BMKT 2503. (Spring, Odd years)

MKTG 4103   Consumer Behavior
An analysis of psychological, sociological, and cultural aspects of human behavior affecting consumers' actions in the market place The stages in the consumer buying decision process are analyzed as well as the adoption and diffusion process for new products. The current development of relationship marketing and the use of the Internet for electronic commerce are also studied. Class 3. Prerequisite: BMKT 2503. (Fall, Even years)

MKTG 4303   International Marketing
An analysis of the strategies to participate competitively in the global marketing environment. This includes an analysis of the elements of an import-export operation, a multinational company, all the way to a geocentrically oriented global marketing operation. Special attention is given to cross-cultural requirements from the design of products (goods and services) to promotion, advertising, sales, and servicing. Class 3. Prerequisites: BMKT 2503 and BUSI 4313. (Fall, Odd years)

MKTG 4403   Sales Management
An analysis of the organization and administration of sales departments, including recruiting, selection, training, motivating, compensating, supervising, and controlling the sales force. Current marketing and sales management concepts and relationships are studied with an emphasis on the management of selling activities and the outside sales force as one major phase of marketing management. Special attention is given to sales forecasting and the decision making process for sales executives. Class 3. Prerequisites: BMGT 3203 and BMKT 2503. (Spring, Even years)

MKTG 4413   E-Commerce And Marketing
This course focuses on the growth and nature of electronic commerce in marketing. It examines the ways in which e-commerce links companies with customers, suppliers, and others for the presentation, development, and delivery of products and services. Methods for developing and defining relations with customers, the role of electronic communication with customers, and the technology of e-commerce are explored. Class 3. Prerequisite: BMKT 2503. (Spring, Odd years)

MKTG 4503   Marketing Research
Examination of approaches and methods of research employed by marketing managers to solve marketing problems; emphasis on survey methodology and applications of statistical methods. Class 3. Prerequisites: BMKT 2503 and BUSI 3423. (Spring, Even years)

MKTG 4513   Marketing Management
The development and selection of appropriate strategies for the most effective management of the firm's resources. Includes long-term planning through computer applications of market analysis, forecasting, and model building problems using electronic spreadsheets. Class 3. Prerequisite: BMKT 2503. (Fall, Even years)

MKTG 4923   Marketing Internship
The student receives career preparation by observing, planning, directing, and evaluating applied marketing through a supervised work experience; review and discussions of current marketing literature and recent developments in the area of marketing. Class 3. Prerequisites: BMKT 2503 and Consent of Instructor. (On Demand)

MKTG 4941-4994   Special Topics
A one-to-four credit hour course to be utilized for seminars, special lectures in topics not offered in the catalog, and as a mechanism for developing new courses. Subjects offered under this number may include any area in the field of marketing. This course may be taken more than one time when the topics are different. Class 1-4. Prerequisites: BMKT 2503 and Consent of Instructor.