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Catalog 2015-2016
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Majors:Management, B.S.Courses offered:
     - General Management Concentration (MGT)12 Management courses (BMGT)
     - Human Resource Management Concentration (MGHR) 
     - Industrial Management Concentration (MGIM) 
Minor:Management (MANA) 
The rapidly changing job market of today places tremendous demands on new workforce entrants. Employers expect them to work hard, learn fast, and be ethical in their business dealings. Management majors are well prepared to handle these demands (and more) upon graduation. In designing the LeTourneau Management major, we have sought to simultaneously maximize the preparation of the student and maintain flexibility within the program. Three concentrations are offered in the Management major: General Management, Human Resource Management, and Industrial Management.

In the General Management Concentration, students will maximize their education in the knowledge and skill areas employers tell us are most commonly associated with getting a promotion: teamwork, leadership, change management, employee motivation, and responsibility. The student also may choose from among specific management electives to complete the major area. This flexibility allows the student to tailor the degree to his/her particular plans after graduation. Management graduates find jobs in such areas as retail management, industrial management, operations management, quality management, human resource management, and general management.

The Human Resource Management Concentration is designed to prepare students to sit for and pass the National Human Resource Certification Exam given annually by the Society of Human Resource Management. In the program, the student learns in-depth skills in human resource concepts, staffing procedures, compensation and benefits, and conflict resolution. Upon graduation, students are well prepared to enter the exciting and rewarding field of Human Resource Management and be an effective strategic partner with a corporation’s senior management. Job opportunities within the Human Resources field are plentiful, and the opportunities for career development and upward mobility are numerous.

Because students in the Human Resource Management Concentration also have a solid education in all of the functional areas of business, along with specialized training in management, they have both the specific skills employers are looking for and the general skills that often result in promotion to higher levels.

Over the past twenty years, monumental changes have occurred in industry, particularly in the areas of manufacturing and operations management. Quality is becoming an integral component of all products and services. Mass production is giving way to mass customization. Product development times are shorter. Competitive relationships with suppliers and distributors have given way to supply-chain partnerships. Just-in-time approaches are becoming the norm. And the revolution in information technology is changing everything. As a result of these changes, demand is very high for graduates who understand technology, operations management, and quality management.

At LeTourneau University, our Industrial Management Concentration is designed to provide just the right balance of hands-on experience in industrial and manufacturing processes with foundational business and management skills. As a student in our Industrial Management Concentration, you will become competent in such hands-on skills as technical drafting, computer-aided design (CAD), materials technology, manufacturing methods, and manufacturing processes—working side by side with engineering and other technical students. But you will also receive training in operations management, quality management, and project management, as well as in all of the functional areas of business. You will learn how to manage individuals within a manufacturing environment and how to craft a company’s competitive strategy.