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Major:Finance, B.S. (FIN)Courses offered:
Minors:Economics (ECON)7 Finance courses (BFIN)
 Finance (FIN) 
The essence of finance is the creation of value for organizations. Finance plays an increasingly large role in a variety of for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Traditionally many corporate CEOs began their careers within the finance function of the firm. Finance is a strategically important area, as companies may succeed or falter based on the recommendations of their financial experts. The competence of the finance specialist is attributable not only to knowledge and experience, but also to personal qualities of perception, imagination, judgment, and integrity.

Many career options are available to finance graduates. Some choose financial management positions in large corporations, while others choose careers in investment banking. Others accept positions with banks or other financial institutions, or with consulting firms. Finance graduates tend to be in high demand, often accepting excellent positions prior to graduation.