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School of Business
Dr. Robert H. Roller, Dean

Professors: Carlson, Driver, Feezell, Roller
Associate Professors: Castro, Lemler
Assistant Professors: Fairweather, Ray, Strong

The School of Business offers a wide variety of majors and minors, allowing you to tailor your education to specific areas of interest. Today’s employers often select employees based on specific skills, but promote for general skills. Because of this, we have designed all of our business majors with three components: (1) a strong foundation of general education courses, (2) a solid core of business courses, and (3) specialized study in a specific area of business. We have designed our business programs to help you become a business leader. We accomplish this through classroom instruction, required internship experiences, and co-curricular activities, as well as the opportunity to earn a minor in leadership.

All of the degree programs offered by the School of Business are professionally accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). Only about one-third of all universities in the U.S. have national professional accreditation of their business programs. Accreditation provides an external verification of the quality of our business programs.

The following policies apply to students majoring in any area of study offered by the School of Business.
  1. Students with a major in Business Administration (without a concentration) may not double-major in another business area, but may double-major in a non-business area. Design Technology Concentration students may double-major in another business area.
  2. Students with a major in Business Administration (without a concentration) may minor in leadership or in a non-business area, but may not minor in any other business area.
  3. Students majoring in any specialized area of business may not minor in Business Administration, but may minor in any other business area.
  4. Students majoring in any area of business other than Business Administration may double-major in any other area of business.
  5. Students may earn a dual degree (in other words, a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science degree) in International Business and any other business field except Business Administration. Other dual-degree combinations within the School of Business are prohibited.