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Kinesiology (KINE)
Requirements List for 2005-2006
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KINE 1512   Concepts Of Lifetime Fitness
General studies requirement under Kinesiology. The course examines various concepts of health and physical fitness with the purpose of encouraging the student to establish positive patterns of activity and healthful living. Class 2.
KINE 1602   Foundations Of Kinesiology
Historical, philosophical, physiological, psychological, and social foundations of kinesiology, fitness, and sport. Also explores programs, issues, and the profession. Class 2. (Fall)
KINE 2003   Lifetime Activities I
Study of the skills and understanding of selected lifetime activities: games, sports, and recreation activities associated with team sports and games. Students must demonstrate minimum levels of proficiency regarding skills, rules, and pedagogy. Enrollment restricted to Kinesiology majors. Class 3. Prerequisites: KINE 1512 and KINE 1602. (Fall, Odd years)
KINE 3103   Kinesiology
The analysis of human movement, emphasizing the anatomical concepts and physical laws related to joint and muscle action. Specific applications will be made to sport skills. Class 3. Prerequisites: BIOL 2014 and BIOL 2024, or permission of instructor. (Fall, Odd years)
KINE 3403   Care And Prevention Of Sports Injuries
The prevention, diagnosis, and care of sports injuries. Consideration will be given to legal implications, equipment and supplies, and therapeutic modalities. Class 3. (Spring, Even years)
KINE 3503   Motor Skill Acquisition
The theories and research findings related to motor learning and motor development. Class 3. (Fall, Odd years)
KINE 4303   Physiology Of Exercise
The effects of physical exercise upon the circulatory, respiratory, muscular, skeletal, digestive, and nervous systems. Also explores the relationship of such factors as age, gender, diet, and environment to physical performance. Lab TBA. Class 3. Prerequisites: BIOL 2014 and BIOL 2024. (Fall, Even years)
Total Hours: 19