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Catalog 2005-2006
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Professional Flight (FL)
Requirements List for 2005-2006
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AERF1101Flight Science I Laboratory (Private Flight Simulations Lab)
AERF1102Primary Flight (Private Flight)
AERF1103Flight Science I (Private Ground School)
AERF2101Flight Science II Laboratory (Instrument Flight Simulations Lab)
AERF2103Flight Science II (Instrument Ground School)
AERF2311Commercial Flight I (Tailwheel Operations)
AERF2411Commercial Flight II - Multi-Engine Operations
AERF3103Flight Science III (Commercial Ground School)
AERF3412Instrument Flight
AERF3512Commercial Flight III - Air Transport Emphasis
AERF4112Commercial Flight IV - Commercial Operations
AERO2112Aerodynamics For Pilots (Fall only)
AERO2203Meteorology for Pilots
Total Hours: 26