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Business Administration, B.S. Design Technology Concentration (BUDT)
Sequence Sheet for 2005-2006
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First Semester - Fall 200516 hours
BIBL1003Biblical Foundations For Living (L)
COSC1101Personal Computer Applications
ENGL1013English Composition I
KINE1512Concepts Of Lifetime Fitness
LETU1101Cornerstones Of Life And Learning (L)
MATH1203College Algebra With Applications
MGMT2303Principles Of Management (L)
  Fulfill English Proficiency Requirement (0 hours)
Second Semester - Spring 200616 hours
DSTC1043Descriptive Geometry (Spring only)
DSTC1203Computer Aided Drafting And Design (1)
ENGL1023English Composition II
ENGR1311Manufacturing Processes Laboratory
PHYS1111General Physics I Laboratory (Spring only)
PHYS1113General Physics I (Spring only)
Third Semester - Fall 200616 hours
ACCT2103Accounting Principles I
BIBL2003Biblical Literature
COMM1113Introduction To Speech Communication
ENGL Literature Elective (3 hours)
GETC2313Materials Technology (Fall only)
KINE Physical Activities (1 hour)
Fourth Semester - Spring 200716 hours
ACCT2113Accounting Principles II (Spring only)
DSTC1413Technical Design Elements I
EETC1021DC Electricity Laboratory (Spring only)
EETC1022DC Electricity (Spring only)
MKTG2503Principles Of Marketing (Spring only)
  Lab Science Elective (4 hours)
Fifth Semester - Fall 200716 hours
DSTC1313Technical Illustration (Fall only)
DSTC2811Engineering Design Technology I (Fall only)
DSTC3433Solids Modeling (Fall only)
ECON2103Macroeconomics (Fall only)
MATH1423Elementary Statistics
MGMT3313Organizational Behavior (L) (Fall only)
Sixth Semester - Spring 200816 hours
BIBL Jr.-Sr. Level Elective (3 hours)
DSTC2821Engineering Design Technology II (Spring only)
ECON2203Microeconomics (Spring only)
MATH1503Calculus With Business Applications (Spring only)
MGMT3203Human Resource Management (L) (Spring only)
PSYC2013Introduction To Psychology
Third Summer 20083 hours
DSTC3423Technical Design Elements II (Summer only)
Seventh Semester - Fall 200818 hours
BIBL Jr.-Sr. Level Elective (3 hours)
BUSI3103Business Law (Fall only)
BUSI3403Business Ethics (L) (Fall only)
FINC3113Financial Management (Fall only)
HIST History Elective (3 hours)
POLS2103Federal, State, And Local Government
Eighth Semester - Spring 200915 hours
BUSI4313International Business (Spring only)
BUSI4803Strategic Management (L) (Spring only) (2)
DSTC2613Architectural Design Elements (Spring only)
GETC3323Modern Manufacturing Methods (Spring only)
PHIL2013Introduction To Philosophy
Total Hours: 132
1: DSTC 1203 is for students who have completed a drafting course. DSTC 1022 is required as a deficiency course for students with no drafting experience.
2: Minimum grade of 'C' required