Students Helping Area Residents Excel

Who? – A group of student leaders dedicated to reaching out to a class of area junior high school students. These student leaders seek to engage these young girls and boys right where they are in their lives and hopefully help them make informed decisions about their collective futures.

What? – This is a program built around the principal of “each one teach one,” whereby students have the opportunity to work with kids in small groups, often times one-on-one. Our students use this time to mentor, tutor, guide, befriend and build relationships that would allow us to love these kids well.

When? – This program runs the entire school year and meets one evening per week. Right now, the group meets each Wednesday evening from 4:30 until 6:00.

Where? – Through an agreement brokered with Longview Independent School District (LISD) school officials, the kids are transported from Foster and Forest Park middle schools to Longview Hall on our campus.

Why? – As we strive to love our neighbors, we hope to create a desire to learn and a hunger for education within these young boys and girls.

How? – How this interaction evolves is totally up to the students that run the program. We have taken students as near as the Glaske Science Building for some hands-on experiments, and as far away as Shreveport, La., for a day of discovery and enjoyment.

Stop by the Student Support Services office, located in Student Affairs next to the Glaske Science Building, and find out more about this awesome program.


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