Community Ministries: Love Expressed

The world is one step out your door. People all over the East Texas community are in desperate need for the Lord Jesus Christ. Working with area ministries and the City of Longview, students are enabled with the ability to fulfill – daily – the Great Commission… “to go!”

As Jesus Christ has expressed His love for each one of us, by His death on the Cross, join LSM Community Ministries as we seek to express our love in return, both to our God and to our neighbors.

OVER THE FENCE: An outreach ministry to the community immediately surrounding our Longview campus.
Contact: Preston VanDeBrake

PRISON MINISTRY: Join a team in DFW as they serve those in prison. Watch for announcements in October!
Contact: Dr. Ken Rouse

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY: Help build simple, decent, affordable housing in partnership with people in need.
Contact: Seth Strohmeyer, Habitat@letu.edu

KIDZ CLUB: Minister to kids living in a local apartment complex.
Contact: Cat Nix

TRICK OR TREAT ON COLLEGE STREET (TOTOCS): Take part in our annual on-campus community outreach event this Halloween!
Contact: Cat Nix

MEET THE NEIGHBORS: Join us as we host our on-campus community outreach event this Easter!
Contact: Cat Nix