Russ Holmes

About the Speaker

Russ originates from England and first joined Mercy Ships in Nov 1993 and served as a volunteer for four years in various different roles onboard the Mercy Ship, M/V Anastasis. Much of his time was spent in Africa and Europe which found Russ traveling to over 17 different countries.

During his time onboard the M/V Anastasis, Russ gained a passion for meeting the needs of those with little or no access to health care. Russ left Mercy Ships in 1997 to marry his South African sweetheart, Carrie, whom he met onboard, and to set up his own transportation business in the UK which he ran successfully until rejoining Mercy Ships in 2003.

Russ has held senior positions within the organization both onboard our hospital ships and more recently at the International Operations Center (IOC) based in Texas, USA. He has gained extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of Global Procurement, logistics and Corporate Development, and focuses his time engaging multinational corporations fostering mutually beneficial partnerships to build capacity in the emerging markets of Sub-Saharan Africa.