Jamie Thompson

About the Speaker

Jamie Thompson and her husband Chip are co-founders and Directors of Tri-Grace Ministries. They have been biblical Christian missionaries to the people of Utah since 1992. After planting and pastoring Ephraim Church of the Bible for 13 years, God moved in their hearts to start Tri-Grace Ministires and expand their evangelistic efforts in Utah.

Today in the rural county of Sanpete, with a predominant LDS population and against all odds, there exists a thriving Christian presence that continues to bring Mormon people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Ephraim Church of the Bible and Tri-Grace Ministries stand as monuments to the grace of God.

Tri-Grace is committed to exalting and glorifying Jesus by applying the Gospel to every aspect of our ministry. The ministry is committed to:

  1. Challenging the false doctrines of Mormonism and, in the process, leading as many Mormons as possible into a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ. - Matthew 28:18-20
  2. Making disciples who...
    • love Jesus with all their hearts
    • are grounded in biblical truth
    • will make a lasting contribution to the kingdom of God
    • will be His witnesses to the world in which we live