Dr. Jeremiah Johnston


About the Speaker

Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston is a New Testament scholar, apologist, and sought-after speaker at universities and churches. He completed his doctoral residency in Oxford and received his Ph.D. from Middlesex University (UK). He also earned advanced degrees in theology from Acadia University and received his M.Div. at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Johnston has distinguished himself with publications in both popular and scholarly books and journals. He has appeared as a theological and culture expert on CBS This Morning, numerous network affiliate television stations, and repeatedly quoted in USA Today and their associated Faith and Reason blog.

Over the past six years, Jeremiah J. Johnston, Ph.D., has been leading events for Christian Thinkers Society (CTS) where he asks people in the audience to submit their unanswered questions to him via text during the event and he would answer them.

"Christians of all stripes, across the denominational spectrum, submitted questions to CTS—and they were not shy," says Johnston. "I became acutely aware that many of the questions seemed to be on trend with what is going on in society today and that there was a need to compile them into book form."

In the end, six recurrent questions dominated Johnston’s inbox and texts:

  • What do I do when God is silent?
  • Why can I trust in the bodily resurrection of Jesus and how does that change things today?
  • Do Christians who die by suicide go to Hell and what can we do to understand mental illness?
  • Why is the paranormal attractive and normative in society today?
  • Why are so many Christians biblically illiterate?
  • Why does God allow suffering?

And these are questions you can’t Google and just find a quick answer.

In Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions (Whitaker House, 2015), which is being released in conjunction with the Unanswered Bible study kit through LifeWay (www.Lifeway.com/Unanswered), Johnston walks readers through each of these questions/topics and provides substantive answers for the myriad of issues associated with them. Not only does he answer the questions, but he equips readers with confidence and direction with leadership engagement principles in order for them to answer friends and family that might ask similar questions.