Tom Tradup


About the Speaker

Tom Tradup is the Vice President for News and Talk Programing at the Salem Radio Network (SRN), full-service satellite radio network based in Dallas, Texas that serves Christian-formatted and general market news/talk stations through affiliate partnerships. SRN Talk delivers engaging, entertaining and informative talk radio from industry-leading hosts Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager, Mike Gallagher, Bill Bennett, Eric Metaxas and Richard Land. With an abundance of talent and a range of styles, Salem hosts inform as they entertain, casting new light on the issues Americans care about each day.

Prior to joining Salem in 2003, Tom’s extensive broadcast credentials included serving as President/General Manager of WLS-AM/FM in Chicago; President of Syndication for Sabo Media in New York City; Vice President & General Manager of the Christian formatted USA Radio Network in Dallas, and held key programming/management positions at KCMO/Kansas City, WMCA/New York, KRLD/Dallas and WASH-FM in Washington, D.C.