Workshops and Seminars

There is little doubt that our world is spiraling down a slope of moral and ethical decline.  As Christians, what is our role?  Are we to guard and protect our own, attempting to ensure their safety?  Or, are we to engage our society, in an attempt to bring Christ’s redemption to a lost world.  At LeTourneau University, we believe that as Christians, we must engage society in order to lead and initiate transformational change.

Christian Leadership

In the last 20 years more has been written on the topic of leadership than was written on the topic from the beginning of time.  Even within Christian circles we are inundated with concepts like servant-leadership, transformational leadership, and are provided with various steps to take in order to improve leadership effectiveness.  What does it mean to be a Christian leader?  Can we, as Christians, hold to the same principles and practices that the world espouses?  This workshop will examine the concept of Christian leadership and how it compares and contrasts with the traditional ideas of leadership.

The Role of Christians in Society

From the beginning of the first century, Christians have differed among ourselves about how we should engage society.  Peter and James decided to stay in Jerusalem, while Paul traveled the globe. Hermit monks withdrew to the deserts of Egypt, while St. Francis of Assisi and his followers reached out to the poorest of the poor of their day.  In our day, too, Christians have a wide range of views concerning social involvement.  This workshop will examine the role of Christians in society.

Understanding the Times

The worldviews and philosophies that dominate our society and shape our culture are not necessarily the opinions and views that many in the church hold.  This workshop will examine the worldviews, the philosophies, and the religious views that have given birth to our current culture.


The idea of biblical stewardship is a misunderstood concept in our society.  Since God is the creator of all, he is also the owner of all.  The way we use the resources that God provides us is vitally important.  This workshop will examine stewardship of resources, including finances, time, and giftedness.

Discovering True Vocation

What are your passions?  What are your areas of indifference? What are your strengths?  What are your weaknesses?  How has God gifted you?  This workshop will provide opportunities for the people in your organization to take a serious look into who God has created them to be, and will motivate them to live in the freedom that comes with understanding themselves.

Organizational Structure and Dynamics

Are you satisfied with the involvement and working relationships of staff and volunteers in your organization?  Do you dream of an organization where people are free to assess and meet needs within the constituencies your organization serves?  This workshop will examine organizational structure and how it impacts the function of your organization.

Developing Christian Leaders in Your Organization

As Christians we are all called to be leaders.  Leadership skills can be acquired, they can be taught, they can be nurtured.  This workshop will provide a spiritual foundation that can be utilized to inspire people in your organization to recognize their leadership role and provide them the framework to begin to develop the skills necessary to act out those roles.

Team Building & Conflict Resolution

In this workshop, different opinions, conflicting emphases, confusion of roles—these and many other obstacles keep our organizations from functioning as well as they could. In this workshop various exercises and training will help your organization develop a common purpose and a unified team working toward common goals.