Where can I begin my career?

Where Can I Begin My Career?

How do you prepare for a successful transition from student to employee? Here you’ll find material to help you create résumés and cover letters and prepare for job interviews. We provide resources to help you research the jobs you are interested in and find careers in your area.

Steps to Success

  1. Prepare your Résumé
    Your résumé can be one of the strongest determining factors in a successful job interview. As a result, having your résumé ready and polished before you begin your search for a career is a definite must.

  2. Research your Career
    Find job and salary information so you can be prepared when you find a job.

  3. Co-Ops and Internships
    Learn about why you should consider doing a co-op or an internship and the benefits such programs offer to you.

  4. Best Semester
    If you're interested in spending a semester (or more!) abroad, check out the programs offered by Best Semester. From learning about religion in the Middle East to studying topics of interest while attending Oxford to experiencing China firsthand from the inside and more, the Best Semester has something for everyone in its many world-wide programs.

  5. Find your Job
    • College Central
      Visit our online job system to search jobs posted specifically for LeTourneau students and to post your résumé for employers to view.
    • Online Job Search Resources
      Visit these websites to research jobs, the job market, and search for specific jobs.
    • Graduate School Information
      Interested in Graduate School? Check out these resources to find what you need to know!