MBTI Information

  1. The MBTI requires a login.  Use the following information to access the test:
    • Login: letu
    • Password: career105
    • UserID: will be assigned when you log in
  2. The MBTI is not a test; it will simply reflect back to you the answers you give it. There are no right or wrong answers.
  3. When answering questions, try to answer as your “shoes-off self,” who you are when no one else is around and there are no external pressures. Answer how you really ARE,  not how you WANT to be or how you think someone in your desired career field would answer. You want to have the most accurate answers for YOU, not someone else!
  4. Go with your first response. Try not to think too long about an answer, since your gut reaction is likely going to be the truest answer for you.
  5. If you cannot decide on a question, skip it. If you skip more than 5, the system will ask you to go back and answer more before submitting the assessment.
  6. When you have submitted the completed assessment, contact Career Services at (903) 233-4467 to set up an appointment.

Have Fun Taking the MBTI!

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